My name is Jule…there’s only one of me but people often call me Jules. I assume they wish there were more.

I love to make and make what I love using the ordinary, worn and imperfect paraphernalia of strangers overlooked by others.

I love to rummage and collect. My family often confuse the latter with hoarding but I ignore them.

My pieces often combine print, thread, rust and hand stitch. I’m easily distracted and very excitable so often have several projects on the go.

As a child my favourite shop was the ‘Treasure trove’ filled with memorabilia, the macabre and a giant stuffed bear. Most weekends I rummaged through my grandparents bureau and drawers looking for something forgotten. Today, I’m still happiest when rummaging through battered old cardboard boxes in search of treasure.

Whether drawn, painted, printed or stitched I hope my pieces evoke a sense of playful charm and nostalgia encouraging others to reconsider their relationship with their own old, imperfect and mundane.