Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder but when we see ourselves in the mirror, what do we see?

In today's society where image is everything, the mirror may be our friend but equally our worst enemy. Mirrors evoke self contemplation. They can reflect both reality and illusion.

We often look at our reflection with biased eyes and our imperfections can seemingly distort and magnify to such an extent, that, for some, it is all they can see. We judge ourselves based on our perception of beauty created by today's society.

Bombarded by media hype centred on the search for perfection, demand for cosmetic surgery has seen a dramatic increase in recent years. Pressure to fit into society's expectations of physical attractiveness has reached such epidemic proportions that the trend for cosmetic surgery has spread to species other than man. The pressures of modern society are also being felt in the chicken population.

In the spring of 2011, curator and artist Jule Mallett discovered a new species of chicken: Hengrels.

Hengrels, classified by scientists as an artificially enhanced species of chicken in search of true beauty, were discovered living in Surrey.