The textile practice of the Hengrel

Stitch to the Hengrel is a very personal past time. The making of textile art brings together history, family and, the quality most valued by the Hengrel, a sense of true beauty.

The process of making identity quilts involves time and patience as the older members of the flock teach their young not only to stitch but to aspire to perfection.

Reborn quilts record history and remind Hengrels of their heritage. Symbols of good times and bad, they are autobiographical illustrating how far they have come.

In the coop, Hengrels record their family in the same way that we might have family photographs on the wall. Often individual pieces are captioned. Preoccupied with vanity, no attention is paid to the fact that tacking stitches are left in; fabrics are frayed, glass is broken and frames are battered. Such is their hurry to hang on the wall, Hengrels often forget to move the previous image from the frame and this can sometimes be seen if you look closely at their work.